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Pension Awareness Week 2021

14/09/2021 / St. James's Place News

On the face of it, saving and investing for retirement is a pretty simple affair. After all, the main aim is to put as much of your earnings aside as you can afford.

What can golf success teach you about tax planning?

26/08/2021 / St. James's Place News

Golf has undoubtedly experienced an incredible upswing in popularity, despite – or perhaps because of – the enforced coronavirus restrictions. But what can golf teach us about tax planning?

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What is ESG and why is it important?

ESG has become a popular shorthand for all the non-financial issues that affect business and investor success. It stands for ‘environmental, social and governance’ and represents a range of criteria companies use to help run themselves responsibly.

Planning for your future as a new mum

Being a new mum is exhausting. Of course, you were prepared for sleepless nights, colic and 3am nappy changes, but you probably didn’t expect you would need a degree in civil engineering to collapse your buggy, squeeze it into the car, then get it back up again.

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