Who pays for social care?

08/06/2021 / Liberty news

“The vast majority of us are going to have to take some responsibility for our care needs,” says Tony Müdd, a Divisional Director at St. James’s Place Wealth Management. “However, the public are either under the misapprehension that long-term care is provided free at the point of need by the state and funded from taxes already paid during their lifetime, or that if this is not the case, they believe that it should be.”



New tax year checklist

As world events continue to buffet the economy, the new tax year may not be the first thing on your mind. But using available tax breaks while you have them helps put you in a much more stable financial position for the short and the longer term.

Creating a world you believe in

Let’s think about the future for a moment. Our world in the future. A world that is cleaner, safer, and fairer: one that you want to live in, and the one you want to pass on to future generations.