Three high performing businesses on the road to sustainability

01/10/2021 / Liberty news

It’s a common myth that responsible investing means sacrificing performance. In fact, over the long-term, the businesses that are conforming to high standards from an ESG (environmental, social and governance) point of view, and committing to genuine sustainability, are those that are also likely to have the brightest future.

This, of course, is entirely logical, says Petra Lee, Responsible Investment Consultant at St. James’s Place. “Responsible investments have the potential to add to performance because looking after limited raw materials, supply chains, local communities and labour rights are all good business practice,” she says.

Here are three examples from some of the world’s biggest and most highly regarded businesses, which our fund managers invest in on behalf of St. James’s Place’s clients – all of which are being held to high standards by stakeholders (including St. James’s Place and our fund managers) to ensure they are making rapid and measurable progress to avert the climate crisis.

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