Liberty Talks Finance podcast – Lauren Sorenson Introduces Liberty Next

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Lauren Sorenson is one of the Liberty Next generation advisers. In this edition of Liberty Talks Finance, Lauren discusses how the younger generation can improve their financial habits.

What is covered in the new podcast –

  • Meet Lauren Sorenson at Liberty.
  • What is Liberty Next all about?
  • Are you an ideal client?
  • Tips for younger listeners on how to get started on their financial journey.
  • Pat and Robert’s story – four generations under one roof, a wonderful story.
  • How much do I need to have a financial adviser?

Listen or download the third Liberty Talks Finance podcast – A focus on Pensions & Retirement


Liberty Talks Finance podcast – Happy New Year!

It may seem a little weird to call this podcast ‘Happy New Year!’ in June - but we think it gives an idea of the positive thinking and new beginning that people are feeling and what is happening with many of us.

Liberty brochure

At Liberty we take the long-term approach. Long-term investments personally tailored to your attitude to risk. And long term relationships built up across many years of trusted service. We believe this sets us apart from other advisers. But we know you’ll want to find out more. Our brochure will help you understand what to expect from the service we offer, and the range of ways we invest your money to help you work towards a secure financial future.

How we helped a family find the good life

What are your retirement dreams? Our expert advice and strategic long-term financial planning has helped countless clients make the life changes that are important to them. Robert and Pat's dearest wish was to move from the South East to the Devon countryside.

Liberty client service charter

When you start your relationship with us, you’ll want to know what to expect. We’re committed to giving you clear, jargon-free and transparent detail which will help you trust us and our advice for many years to come. Our Client service charter runs through our commitment to our clients.

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