Liberty Talks Finance podcast 8 – Lee Devonald runs through St. James’s Place and Liberty’s approach to responsible investing and ESG

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The eighth episode covers responsible investing. Responsible investing requires businesses with long-term sustainable growth, environmental respect, social understanding and responsible governance.

Lee Devonald discusses the following points –

  • Our choices and how we approach ESG (environmental, social and governance) considerations.
  • Changes in attention with ethical investments.
  • How companies – that produce or are aligned with tobacco, weapons, oil or other fossil fuels, any corruption or excessive board compensation – are downgraded?
  • An idea of which companies are classed as responsible.
  • How consumers and investors will drive further effects of ESG?
  • Knowing where your money is invested.
  • How the investments sit with your morals.
  • Is it possible to invest responsibly?
  • Can financial gains be made when investing responsibly?
  • How does Liberty Wealth Management check who they are investing with?
  • How detailed is the research and screening that is undertaken?
  • How St. James’s Place takes ESG investing seriously?
  • Will COP26 make an impact?
  • What is the United Nations PRI?

For more information, see our news articles; What is ESG and why is it important? and Responsible investing & ESG: What gets measured gets managed.


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