Liberty Talks Finance podcast 7 – Lauren Sorenson discusses the importance of Intergenerational Wealth Management – Liberty Next podcast

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The seventh episode of Liberty Talks Finance covers the differing attitudes to wealth and money across age groups of families.

Intergenerational wealth, growing wealth and protecting wealth within families is a key aspect of financial planning. This is a wide-ranging discussion for the whole family.

Lauren Sorenson takes us through the following points –

  • Are young people driving digital financial technologies?
  • Are young people starting good financial habits early enough?
  • How is money distributed through families?
  • How does Liberty bring generations of families together for advice?
  • Hoes does attitudes change through generations?
  • Examples of how Liberty have helped families since the beginning of the business?
  • How do you instil good habits?
  • How to think about the future?
  • How Liberty can strengthen financial thinking and habits?
  • The differences between age groups needs.
  • Short-term and long-term investing and saving.
  • How your attitude may change as you grow older?
  • How can transferring assets on to the next generation be beneficial?
  • How Liberty can help with building relationships through the generations?
  • How to manage funds and investments through change?

Examples of Liberty’s work with generations of families are discussed.

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