Fresh look at your finances – New Year Quiz round-up

16/02/2022 / Liberty news

Liberty recently set-up up a fun online quiz, financially based, of course.
Although, we will admit, questions about tax are not as fun as Pop Master!

The quiz shone a light on our very knowledgeable clients.

The results were exceptional. We had a few speed demons – how somebody could read the questions and answer in 58 secs, I’ll never know – unfortunately speed didn’t equate to exactness (3 out of 10). We had some slow coaches – nearly 24 minutes – the tortoise did catch the hare (an impressive 10 out of 10 – someone has been listening to us! or checking out the website).

Out of around one hundred entries, approximately half reached the 7 out of 10 threshold. Out of that fifty, forty entries scored 9 or 10 out of 10. That is amazing.

When the prize draw was made, our own Kelly Nifton plucked out Richard Ayres as the winner.
Congratulations Richard, your wine is on the way.

Lee Devonald, Principal at Liberty Wealth Management said:
“The quiz was a great bit of fun. It created a nice buzz around the office, on the phones and video calls! Really impressed with the scores. Thanks to everyone for taking part.”

If you haven’t had a go, try your luck by clicking here.

Keep an eye out for another quiz later in the year.



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