Creating a world you believe in

01/04/2022 / Liberty news

Let’s think about the future for a moment. Our world in the future. A world that is cleaner, safer, and fairer: one that you want to live in, and the one you want to pass on to future generations.

Every decision we make today has an impact on everything to come and, unlike Michael J. Fox, we haven’t got a time machine to correct our mistakes.

“Creating a better world, one you can believe in, seems a huge task for an individual” says Harriet Shepherd, SJP’S Marketing Propositions Manager for Financial Wellbeing.

“But when we all – clients and advisers – pull together to achieve this – we can really make an impact.”

And we do have other, very powerful tools at our disposal. One of them is all the little changes we can make every day. And the other, is money.

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Our eighth episode of the Liberty Talks Finance Podcast covers responsible investing. Responsible investing requires businesses with long-term sustainable growth, environmental respect, social understanding and responsible governance. It is a good listen!

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